Top 5 Programming Languages for Android App Development

2 min readDec 6, 2022


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In a day, we use our smartphones for various reasons like online shopping, entertainment, news and many more. The reason is that mobile apps are handy and give the best user experiences. As a result, mobile apps are the main ways to target an audience. Therefore it is beneficial to know about the technicalities of Android app development, though you are going to appoint a mobile app development company for this task. So here are the top 5 programming languages for your Android app development:-


Kotlin is the most popular mobile app development programming language. Kotlin is written in Java; hence app development services consider it as the advanced version of Java which provides robust and high-performing application development. The key advantage of Kotlin-based app development is faster app development and fewer crash opportunities due to increased downloads.


Python is the new-age programming language that supports AI-ML and data science. This language is beneficial to develop the back-end dynamically interactive and faster to perform Android app development. Python App Development Kit (ADK) facilitates you to employ this rich-featured programming language in the back-end development process of any Android application.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

The suite of HTML, CSS, and Js is the web designing package, but app design services use its Adobe PhoneGap framework to design the user interface of hybrid android apps. The essential advantage of using PhoneGap is that it facilitates developers to code less and reuse the predefined source code and libraries in the app designing process.


Nowadays Flutter framework is extensively used in mobile application development. This framework facilitates you to get high-performing and trending Android app development at reduced costs. Flutter is a new-age mobile app development framework and supports Dart programming language for front-end development. The key benefit to employing this language and framework is that this suite offers the fastest natively rendered cross-platform application development.


Java is one of the oldest, most robust, and most trustworthy programming languages for mobile app development. The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) offered by Java facilitates you to develop the robust back-end of your Android smartphone apps. Java is a core programming language that is quite difficult for any non-technical person to employ; hence it is beneficial to take Java tutorials first or get it done by professional Java experts.

The success of an android app depends upon its downloads and number of logins. And the eye-catchy design and robust development processed through trustworthy and powerful programming language impact that success rate. Since a rich programming language requires strong technical skills, it is beneficial to take assistance from a mobile app development company to design and develop Android apps through the most advanced and rich-featured programming language.




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